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Fully Responsive

We ensure that we ace your paper. For that to happen, we ensure that we have an open line to you as a client. Our platform is fully automated to deal with the students needs and offer all the help that you may need. be assured, we leave no stone unturned.


Plans To Success

Our job goes beyond getting information for the student on viable online classes. We give you the latest Online classes for your consideration, a review of the universities you can contact when in need and most importantly, walking with you from the start of the online class to the end.


Our Affiliate Program

We always reward royal clients. Going further, we have an affiliate program where we reward anyone who brings business to us. When you refer a student to our product, you earn a $20 reward for each student who pay for our Online classes products. Please contact us once you refer a student via our mail


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Making You Excell In Your Online Class Is Our Top Priority

Are you ready to walk with us? do you need any clarification on any area? do not hesitate to contact us either through mail (, on 24/7 available chat, which is on the bottom right of the page, or via WhasApp which is on the bottom left of this page.


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Scouting For Online Classes


What we Do

  • Scout the Best Online Classes
  • Scout for the best University
  • Provide you with the cost of the full course
  • Review the course outline with the Student

Applying for Online Class


What We Do

  • Receive the Online class outline from the Student
  • We do a background check on the Online Class and advice the Student
  • We start the registration process for the Student
  • We notify the student once the registration is complete for them to make payment for the course

Working of the Full Class


What We Do

  • We Discuss the extent of our involvement
  • Do a research on every class and hand over to the student to do the final draft
  • Attend Discussion groups and take notes for the student
  • Attend Class and take Notes
  • Handle the whole class on behalf of the student


What Our Clients Say

I was toiling with my online class and i almost gave up. Things at work were heating up and i couldn't find time to get everything done. I got help and we coordinated well. I never had a late paper after that. I will be back

Matt Phillips

Marketing Student